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Seafood Raffle Trays

Our seafood raffle trays are designed with clubs, RSL’s, Charities and Sporting Event raffles in mind. With this delicious selection of fresh cooked seafood up for offer selling tickets will be effortless.

With only the freshest and most succulent of Australian seafood, these trays will sell themselves. Enjoy an array of fresh Wild Caught Prawns, Coffin Bay Oysters, Moreton Bay Bugs, Whole Cooked Sand Crabs and Fresh Fish accompanied by seafood sauce and plenty of fresh lemon!

We currently have small and large trays available but if you require something bigger or would like to customise your tray we offer a wide range or fresh or frozen seafood to cater to your needs.

Fresh Fish

Our tropical fish species are caught off the coast of Northern Australia and landed weekly. All of our fish is processed in our food safe accredited processing facility in Townsville.

Cooked Prawns

All our prawns are caught in Northern Australia and transferred to our high risk processing facility in Townsville for cooking.

Fresh Oysters

Our coffin bay oysters are transported live from south Australia on a weekly basis and are then processed in our high care processing facility in Townsville.

Frozen Seafood

We stock a variety of fish and other seafood products such as prawns, bugs, oysters, mussels and calamari which are cryovac sealed and frozen fresh.

How Do I Get Started?

Easy, simply register below and select Yes for "Are you a raffle tray customer?" and fill in your organisation's name. Once you're approved simply log-in and navigate to the Seafood Raffle Trays category in our store and make an order.

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1300 814 956

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