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Fresh Prawn, Bug & Oyster Platter OBPOP

$34.00 / kg
Weight: 2.5 kg

All our prawns are caught in Northern Australia by our own company trawlers FV Cenator, FV Gulf Bounty, FV Xanadu and transferred to our high risk processing facility in Townsville for cooking.

Our coffin bay oysters are transported live from south Australia on a weekly basis and are then processed in our high care processing facility in Townsville. 

  • 1kg of cooked Prawns 
  • 1kg of cooked Moreton Bay Bugs 
  • 1doz Coffin Bay oysters 
  • Served with lemon lime and seafood sauce 

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1300 814 956

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Harbourside Distribution Pty Ltd
304 Boundary Street
Townsville QLD 4810. Australia

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